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Massive list of healthy whole food snacks for toddlers!

It's easy to fall into a rut when it comes to feeding toddlers. Sometimes it may seem like they have eaten the same thing eve...
Posted 24/11/2015 in Parents of toddlers
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22 delicious and healthy lunchbox snacks

Take a look through this collection of simple to make, healthy, and delicious toddler-friendly lunchbox snacks. They are perfect for daycare and preschool lunchboxes or even jus...
Posted 21/11/2015 in Recipe Collections
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9 unbelievably delicious shakes and smoothies for toddlers

My two year old son just adores shakes and smoothies! In his itty bitty eyes, a milkshake is a special treat almost on the same level as a kinder surprise egg (his ultimate f...
Posted 19/11/2015 in Recipe Collections
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10 easy recipes for baking with bananas

I love baking with bananas! They keep muffins and cakes moist and add plenty of flavour to whatever you are making. They can be used as an egg substitute in baking, which is great news fo...
Posted 04/09/2015 in Recipe Collections
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Meeting your toddler's calcium needs

Calcium is a vital mineral for a child's growth and development. It is essential for building healthy bones and teeth, and plays an important role in muscle and nerve function, bl...
Posted 22/08/2015 in Recipe Collections
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Get fit with a toddler in tow

Maintaining a good exercise program isn't an easy thing to do. Maintaining one with a toddler underfoot is even harder! But there are many little thing...
Posted 21/08/2015 in Parents of toddlers
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12 incredible dairy free toddler snacks

  1. These four ingredient Banana Watermelon Mini Muffins are easy to make and...
Posted 20/08/2015 in Recipe Collections
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8 amazing gluten free toddler snacks

My two year old had his first ever doctors trip today. The poor boy had a fever that just wouldn't budge, so we decided it was time to head down to the clinic. I explai...
Posted 19/08/2015 in Recipe Collections
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30 healthy toddler recipes with 3 ingredients or less

My favourite kind of healthy toddler recipes are the ones that have few ingredients and don't take much time to prepare. These thirty healthy recipes are super simple to ma...
Posted 14/08/2015 in Recipe Collections
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Stop buying these 5 basic foods for your toddler!

If you are buying any of these five basic foods for your toddler, then you need to read this! Baby and kids custards There's...
Posted 10/08/2015 in Recipe Collections
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6 delicious and healthy toddler snack balls

Snack balls for toddlers are just amazing! They are bite-sized, easy to eat, and with the right ingred...
Posted 09/08/2015 in Recipe Collections
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5 healthy pancake recipes your kids are gonna love

Pancakes are easy to prepare, fast to cook, and taste delicious! If you have a spare 10 minutes in the morning, you can make your family an amazing healthy pancake breakfast. ...
Posted 08/08/2015 in Recipe Collections
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8 amazing toddler dinners that are super quick to make

Need a dinner idea for your toddler that is both nutritious and quick to prepare? These healthy kids dinner recipes are easy to make, have short ingredients lists, and are ready to eat in no ti...
Posted 06/08/2015 in Recipe Collections
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11 toddler food hacks that will save you money

Raising children can be a pricey venture! Although they are only little, the cost of feeding a toddler can quickly add up. Take a look through these 11...
Posted 05/08/2015 in Life with a toddler
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10 incredible toddler snacks that take 5 minutes or less

Serving your toddler amazing healthy snacks doesn't need to take up a huge chunk of your time. Take a look through these 10 recipes for nutritious, home-prepared snacks that are ready within minutes! ...
Posted 04/08/2015 in Recipe Collections
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11 easy ways to simplify mornings with a toddler

Mornings at our house can range from totally laid back and chilled out, to chaotic and borderline insane. Which end of the spectrum each morning ends up on can depend on countless different t...
Posted 03/08/2015 in Life with a toddler
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5 creative ways to beat your toddler's bedtime battle

Establishing a good bedtime routine is a fantastic way to help your toddler wind down at the end of the day. Toddlers thrive on routine, they feel much more secure if they have a good idea of what's h...
Posted 03/08/2015 in Life with a toddler
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5 days of finger foods - easy lunch ideas

Lunch at our house is almost always hassle-free, as we tend to just throw together a plate of finger foods. It's easy, healthy, and takes minutes to prepare.  ...
Posted 03/08/2015 in Recipe Collections
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5 incredible toddler desserts you won't believe are good for you

There's just something about the way a toddler's face lights up when you present them with a deliciously sweet looking dessert. I love serving my two year old all kinds of special treats now an...
Posted 02/08/2015 in Recipe Collections
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