6 delicious and healthy toddler snack balls

Posted 09/08/2015 in Recipe Collections

Snack balls for toddlers are just amazing! They are bite-sized, easy to eat, and with the right ingredients they taste incredible.

These 6 recipes for toddler snack balls are both nutritious and very easy to make. Whip up a couple of different batches to put in the fridge for an easy, grab-and-go healthy kids snack.

1. These delicious Brekkie Balls are packed with protein and sweetened with banana. Just mash it all up, roll into balls, and coat with coconut.

2. Your kids will love these savoury Bacon Cream Cheese Balls. They are packed with flavour and make a great chilled finger food for toddlers.

3. Instead of serving carrot and cheese sticks to your toddler, try this tasty twist on the classic combo by making some quick Cheese and Carrot Balls.

4. These itty bitty Pineapple Coconut Balls taste like cheesecake, and are made with just three healthy ingredients.

5. These simple Fruit and Nut Snack Balls are easy to make and packed with nutrition! All you need is a food processor and a couple of spare minutes and you're good to go.

6. These tasty little Spinach Cream Cheese Balls are packed with antioxidant-rich spinach, and take just minutes to prepare!




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