6 edible and fun sensory recipes for toddlers

Posted 12/04/2016 in Toddler Fun

Sensory play is an activity which stimulates your toddler's senses - sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste. Sensory play encourages small children to create, investigate and explore the things around them.

The following sensory recipes are all made using edible ingredients. While you should not encourage your little ones to eat some of them (a belly full of flour is certainly not a good idea), they are not going to be ingesting anything harmful if they decide to have a taste. This is great for babies and toddlers who still like to put everything in their mouths!

Take a look through the following six edible sensory recipes for some simple, easy, edible toddler fun.

1. These easy Edible Finger Paints are made using just two basic edible ingredients.

2. Try out this amazing Wheat Bran Mini Sand Pit to provide your toddler with hours of indoor fun.

3. Geometric Grapes are a fantastic way to encourage your toddler's creativity. Use this fun edible activity to teach about 3D shapes, construction and design.

4. Vanilla Cinnamon Scented Play Dough smells amazing and is ready to play with in minutes.

5. Try out this gorgeously soft Speckled Vanilla Sand for some beautiful smelling toddler sensory fun.

6. Let your little one explore and have fun with a big pile of this bright and wiggly Colourful Spaghetti.




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