A glimpse into the mind of a 3yo! Contemplating life - and bumholes, apparently.

Posted 13/11/2016 in Life with a toddler

My first son is three years old, almost four. He is in the "why" stage, has been for quite a while, and is showing no signs of leaving it. I think it's great and I try to answer every single question he has, even when it turns into the dreaded "why? why? why?" loop. I try to be as patient as I can with it, because while he is in this phase he is just SO curious about every single thing around him and has no hesitation asking ALL the questions. His mind is soaking up every answer I give him, so I am trying to take full advantage of the "why" phase.

Some of the questions he asks me are pretty typical questions. A lot of them are weird. Heaps of them are hilarious. All of them are completely random and out of nowhere.

Some of my boy's questions are just so amusing, I thought I'd share a list here! I'll start with some of the more ordinary ones and go from there. All these questions have been asked in the last week or two, usually out of the blue while sitting in his car seat (contemplating life, and bumholes, apparently).

  1. Why do spiders live in webs?
  2. Why do ducks eat stuff in water?
  3. Why do cars get stuck in the mud?
  4. Why do we need to be careful in long grass? (in Australia, because of snakes)
  5. Why do snakes have tongues so they can lick me for?
  6. Why does the light in (his brother's) room stop working when I hit it with stuff?
  7. Why do people paint cars for?
  8. Why do houses have a roof?
  9. Why does food get all old for when it's not in the fridge?
  10. Why is there a pipe in the floor under the toilet?
  11. Why does food get all old in my tummy? So it turns into poo?
  12. Why are farts all stinky for?
  13. Why can't we waste all the toilet paper?
  14. Why does poos come out of bum holes for?
  15. Why do mummys got boobs?
  16. Why don't I have boobs?
  17. Why do people get all old for?
  18. Why does (his little brother) get all old for when he's left out of the fridge? (now I have to worry about him putting his brother in the fridge, haha)
  19. Why don't girls have doodles?
  20. (Loudly in the supermarket) Do THOSE girls have doodles??
  21. Do worms have mouths?
  22. Do worms have bumholes?
  23. Do ducks have doodles?
  24. Do chooks have doodles?
  25. Why do daddys have BIG doodles?
  26. Why do moths die? Why do moths die when I squish them?
  27. Why do plants drink water out of wees?
  28. Does people drink water out of wees? (no mate) But it's got water in it!

So there are some of his more memorable recent questions! I'd love to hear some of the random funny questions your little ones come up with, feel free to leave them in the comments below.




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