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5 ways my kids change when they spend time in nature

We have two boys, ages four and two, and we figured o...
Posted 01/05/2017 in Life with a toddler
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20 valuable benefits of cooking with toddlers

Do you cook with your toddlers? There are so many benefits to letting your children help out in the kitchen. They learn, develop a...
Posted 30/04/2017 in Fun facts
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20 ridiculous things I've said to my 4 year old

Two years ago I wrote a post titled 20 ridiculous things I've said to my 2 year old. Back then, when pondering what life with a 4 year old might be l...
Posted 30/04/2017 in Life with a toddler
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How to have stress-free day trips with kids

The idea of making an all-day trip to explore the great outdoors with kids may seem daunting and stressful, but it certainly doesn't have to be. With some careful planning and organization, you can ma...
Posted 08/01/2017 in Toddler Fun
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A glimpse into the mind of a 3yo! Contemplating life - and bumholes, apparently.

My first son is three years old, almost four. He is in the "why" stage, has been for quite a while, and is showing no signs of leaving it. I thi...
Posted 13/11/2016 in Life with a toddler
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Get fit with a toddler in tow

Maintaining a good exercise program isn't an easy thing to do. Maintaining one with a toddler underfoot is even harder! But there are many little thing...
Posted 21/08/2015 in Parents of toddlers
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8 amazing gluten free toddler snacks

My two year old had his first ever doctors trip today. The poor boy had a fever that just wouldn't budge, so we decided it was time to head down to the clinic. I explai...
Posted 19/08/2015 in Recipe Collections
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