Banana Berry Snack Bites

Banana Berry Snack Bites
These tasty little snack bites are so simple to make and they taste delicious! 

You can make them with any nut butter, but they taste incredible if you use your own home made Almond Butter.

All you need to make these amazing healthy kids snacks are banana, nut butter, yoghurt and berries. 



Cut banana into slices about 1 cm thick.

Spread some almond butter (or any nut butter will do) onto the banana pieces.

Add a small dollop of greek yoghurt to each one.

Top each one with a berry.


  • Bananas are a fantastic ingredient in toddler cooking, as they are a healthy way of sweetening any recipe without adding refined sugar. Mashed banana can also be used in place of butter or oil to keep cakes and muffins moist.
  • You will often see yoghurts advertised as being "probiotic" which means they contain live bacterial organisms which have a beneficial effect on the balance of good bacteria in our digestive systems. Not all yoghurts are probiotic, check the label before buying to ensure that it contains live and active cultures.


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