Caramelized Cinnamon Bananas

Caramelized Cinnamon Bananas



Cut banana into slices just under a cm thick.

Lay all slices flat on a plate and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Heat olive oil and honey in a frying pan and add banana, cinnamon side facing down.

Sprinkle more cinnamon on top. Gently flip banana slices when they start to caramelize.

Once both sides have caramelized, remove from pan.


  • Bananas are a fantastic ingredient in toddler cooking, as they are a healthy way of sweetening any recipe without adding refined sugar. Mashed banana can also be used in place of butter or oil to keep cakes and muffins moist.
  • Raw honey contains natural vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, and many other important natural nutrients. These nutrients are destroyed when honey is heated and pasteurised. It is worth noting that eating pasteurised honey is almost the same as eating refined sugar, without any of the health benefits of raw honey. 


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