Pasta Carbonara

Pasta Carbonara
This simple kids carbonara recipe is fantastic for all ages and makes an easy, quick lunch or dinner for your child.


  • 1/2 cup uncooked pasta spirals
  • 1/2 rasher bacon, chopped
  • 2 tbsp thickened cream
  • 2 tbsp grated parmesan cheese (plus a little extra for on top)
  • 1 egg yolk


Cook pasta according to packet instructions.

Fry bacon.

Once pasta is cooked, strain and return to pot.

Add cream, bacon and parmesan. Return to heat, stirring, until cheese melts.

Remove from heat and immediately stir through the egg yolk. The heat of the pasta should cook the yolk, but don't return to heat or it will overcook.

Sprinkle with a little extra parmesan to serve.


  • Eggs are high in good quality proteins, which are the building blocks of the human body. They contain all the essential amino acids in all the right ratios for our bodies to easily use.
  • Cheese is among the richest dietary sources of calcium, which plays an essential role in bone health.


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