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Hello, welcome to Simple Toddler Recipes!

I'm a stay at home mum of two beautiful boys (ages 2 years, and 6 months). When Mr. Two first started eating solid food I was determined to feed him all home cooked meals, and it was fun coming up with interesting new food combos. As he grew older he could eat more varied food, which was great! I could cook all kinds of exciting, healthy foods for him and see the look on his little face when he tried all of these flavours for the very first time ever in his life.

But, something else happened as he grew - he became more energetic, he started walking and talking, running and jumping, climbing and FALLING and wanting to touch and inspect every little dangerous and breakable thing that his toddler hands could get hold of. This makes for a VERY busy mum, with not much time left for cooking. I now cook as I go, and have found that quick and easy recipes work best for me - the simpler the better!

I am building a collection of toddler recipes that are both healthy and simple, which is easy to navigate and search. I hope you find it helpful and can find something new and exciting to cook up for your little ones!

Raising a happy, healthy toddler has been an incredible journey so far, and I've learnt a lot along the way (including how many onions a two year old can sneak into his bedroom without you noticing). One very important thing that I have learnt is this: You absolutely can provide your toddlers with regular home cooked, healthy and interesting foods, without devoting hours of your time or too much of your energy (or sanity!)


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