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30 Healthy Toddler Recipes - The ultimate collection

Toddlers are bursting with energy and wonder, and just like everything else in their lives they want their food to be exciting and creative! Try ou...
Posted 16/04/2018 in Recipe Collections
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10 healthy avocado recipes for toddlers

  Avocado is an excellent first food for babies. It is nutri...
Posted 19/05/2017 in Recipe Collections
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The sneakiest veggie for fussy kids - 13 zucchini toddler recipes

Zucchini is GREAT for toddler recipes! It has a mild (almost non-existent) flavour, it's mostly colourless, and it's so easy to sneak into almost any kids recipes wi...
Posted 16/05/2017 in Recipe Collections
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15 healthy coconut recipes for toddlers

Coconut is a fantastic ingredient for healhy, toddler friendly recipes. It adds a subtle sweetness to a recipe and can be used in place of flour in many gluten free toddler recipes. ...
Posted 13/05/2017 in Recipe Collections
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9 healthy berry recipes for toddlers

Berries are super nutritious, loaded with antioxidants and are great for bringing some vibrant colour and flavour to a recipe. You can do so much...
Posted 09/05/2017 in Recipe Collections
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7 delicious ways to combine banana and peanut butter

  Banana and peanut butter is one of my all time fave flavour combos! There is so much you can do based on this easy combination. Check out some of these recipes ...
Posted 08/11/2016 in Recipe Collections
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22 hot toddler breakfasts that are super simple to make

You don't need to spend all morning in the kitchen to provide your little ones with a hot breakfast. Try out some of these quick and easy hot breakfast recipes for toddlers! ...
Posted 19/04/2016 in Recipe Collections
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13 incredible toddler dinners that are super quick to make

Need a dinner idea for your toddler that is both nutritious and quick to prepare? These healthy kids dinner recipes are easy to make, have short ingredients lists, and are ready to eat i...
Posted 18/04/2016 in Recipe Collections
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Couscous for toddlers and kids - four fantastic recipes

%links_ad%   Couscous is amazing! It's so fast to prepare and my boys just love it. There are so many different ways you can prepare healthy couscous for toddlers. Check...
Posted 17/04/2016 in Recipe Collections
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10 Easy Pasta Recipes for Toddlers

%links_ad%                   I love cooking with pasta! I'm always hunting for new healthy pasta recipes...
Posted 13/04/2016 in Recipe Collections
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7 quick and easy puff pastry recipes for toddlers

I love cooking with puff pastry! You can create all kinds of delicious things with just a few minutes preparation and a few minutes in the oven. ...
Posted 10/04/2016 in Recipe Collections
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10 tasty, simple and healthy toddler biscuits

%links_ad% Biscuits are pretty popular at our house. My little boys would eat them all day if given the chance! I very rarely buy biscuits from t...
Posted 09/04/2016 in Recipe Collections
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28 sneaky new ways to serve vegetables to your toddler

It's almost inevitable for toddlers to go through an anti-vegetable stage. Some toddlers refuse them from day one, others go through fussy periods here and there.  ...
Posted 07/04/2016 in Recipe Collections
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8 amazing gluten free toddler snacks

My two year old had his first ever doctors trip today. The poor boy had a fever that just wouldn't budge, so we decided it was time to head down to the clinic. I explai...
Posted 19/08/2015 in Recipe Collections
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30 healthy toddler recipes with 3 ingredients or less

My favourite kind of healthy toddler recipes are the ones that have few ingredients and don't take much time to prepare. These thirty healthy recipes are super simple to ma...
Posted 14/08/2015 in Recipe Collections
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5 incredible toddler desserts you won't believe are good for you

There's just something about the way a toddler's face lights up when you present them with a deliciously sweet looking dessert. I love serving my two year old all kinds of special treats now an...
Posted 02/08/2015 in Recipe Collections
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