9 unbelievably delicious shakes and smoothies for toddlers

Posted 19/11/2015 in Recipe Collections

My two year old son just adores shakes and smoothies! In his itty bitty eyes, a milkshake is a special treat almost on the same level as a kinder surprise egg (his ultimate favorite thing in the universe, ever).

Little does he know, these delicious drinks are crammed full of basic, healthy ingredients (which is why he gets so many shakes, and so few kinder surprise eggs!).

Shakes and smoothies are an excellent way of getting nutrients into your little ones. They are super fast and easy to make; the hardest part is washing out the blender when you're done.

We have done a lot of milk-shake-making over the past year or so, and have come up with some seriously delicious flavors! Take a look through these nine incredible milkshake and smoothie recipes to get some fresh ideas for your little ones.

1. This healthy Choc Berry Blitz is packed with flavor, your little ones are going to love it!

2. This rich, super thick, delicious Almond Berry Thickshake is loaded with flavor and very easy to make.

3. This amazing Mandarin Milkshake is sweetened with mandarin and banana, and thickened with probiotic greek yoghurt.

4. Wheat bran is an excellent source of dietary fibre and protein. Try out this Sultana Bran Breakfast Shake as a new way of serving it to your toddler.

5. Your whole family is going to love this incredible Tropical Smoothie! It contains just enough greek yoghurt to thicken it up while still remaining refreshingly fruity.

6. This Probiotic Banana Thickshake is thickened using greek yoghurt, which is loaded with probiotics for your toddler's digestive health.

7. This tasty Watermelon Weetbix Breakfast Shake is an exciting way to serve your toddler's breakfast. Instead of weetbix with fruit on top, why not blitz it all in a blender for an amazing brekkie milkshake.

8. This delicious Frozen Banana Flax Shake uses frozen bananas for an extra cold kick, and has the added omega-3 fatty acids and high fibre of flaxseed meal.

9. This amazing Watermelon Milkshake is sure to be a big hit with your little ones!




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