Pumpkin, Carrot and Sultana Mini Muffins

Pumpkin, Carrot and Sultana Mini Muffins
These little muffins are super moist, because they are packed with mashed pumpkin, carrot and greek yoghurt.

They smell amazing in the oven, thanks to the pumpkin, and taste delicious. They're a great way of getting some extra veggies into your kids diets, so make up a batch for your family today!

Tip: Cook extra pumpkin and carrots next time you are having them with dinner, and use them to make this recipe even easier.



Preheat oven to 180 C (355 F) and line a couple of mini muffin trays with paper muffin cups.

Combine pumpkin, carrot, eggs and yoghurt in a mixing bowl - make sure the cooked pumpkin and carrot aren't hot so they don't cook the eggs. Mix well.

Add flour and mix to combine.

Add sultanas and mix through.

Put small spoonfuls of the mixture into each muffin cup, making them about 3/4 full.

Bake for approximately 22 minutes.

Makes 36 mini muffins.


  • Carrots are packed full of beta-carotene, which our bodies convert into vitamin A. Carrots are one of the best sources of vitamin A. Vitamin A is good for your skin, bones, teeth, and vision. Beta-carotene is also what gives carrots their distinct orange colour.
  • Sultanas are a fantastic way of sweetening recipes without adding refined sugar, and toddlers love to snack on them. However, please be aware that they are extremely high in sugar and can cause tooth decay. Their sticky texture causes them to stick in your child's teeth and cause damage until their teeth are cleaned properly. Try not to offer your toddler dried fruits too often, and make sure you clean their teeth regularly.


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