Cheese and Pretzel Reindeer

Cheese and Pretzel Reindeer
Use cream cheese wedges and pretzels to create these cute and tasty reindeer as a holiday treat for your toddler.



The ingredients listed above are for one Cheese and Pretzel Reindeer. If you want to make more, adjust amounts accordingly.

Place cheese wedge on a plate with the pointy end pointing towards you.

Press one pretzel into the back left corner and one into the back right corner so that they are standing up (see photo).

Cut a sultana in half and position them on top of the cheese wedge for eyes. Press them in gently so they stay put.

Add a cranberry to the point closest to you for the red nose.

Note: You could use anything small and red for the nose (strawberry pieces, watermelon pieces, small raspberries, etc), and anything small and dark for the eyes (peppercorns, seeds, dark chocolate chips, etc).



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