5 incredible toddler desserts you won't believe are good for you

Posted 02/08/2015 in Recipe Collections

There's just something about the way a toddler's face lights up when you present them with a deliciously sweet looking dessert. I love serving my two year old all kinds of special treats now and then, and have come up with plenty of wholesome, nutritious recipes. 

Try out some of these simple, healthy toddler desserts for your little ones - they are packed with flavour and nutrition, with no added sugar!

Avocado is an amazing fruit for your toddler's health, and this rich chocolate pudding is great way to serve it! Try out this simple four ingredient Chocolate Avocado Pudding for your toddler.

This delicious toddler sized Banana Cream Mini Sponge Cake is sure to get your little one excited! Sweetened with raw honey and served with a delicious banana cream, this one is a definite must-try.

These easy Jelly Oranges are made using just orange juice and gelatin. Your toddler will be amazed when they realize there is something different about their oranges!

Try out this Raspberry Macadamia Swirl, it's bright, fun to eat and tastes amazing! This delicious dessert contains chopped macadamias, so please use your own judgement for when your toddler is ready for nuts.

These Coconut Banana Bites have just three ingredients and take minutes to make. They are loaded with flavour and sure to impress your toddler (unless you eat them all first).




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