7 quick and easy puff pastry recipes for toddlers

Posted 10/04/2016 in Recipe Collections

I love cooking with puff pastry! You can create all kinds of delicious things with just a few minutes preparation and a few minutes in the oven.

Puff pastry is perfect for both sweet and savory snacks, and my little ones can't get enough!

Take a look through the following puff pastry toddler recipes for some easy and healthy new ideas.

1. These simple Cheese and Mustard Puffs are made using just three ingredients, and they taste incredible!

2. These gorgeous golden Mini Zucchini Quiches are packed with nutrition for your little ones.

3. Try out these light Banana Avocado Puffs as a new way of serving your toddler avocado.

4. Just two ingredients and 10 minutes in the oven to make these sweet, crunchy Banana Pocket Puffs.

5. Crispy Apple Cinnamon Puffs are deliciously crunchy and are super simple to make.

6. If you've ever got any leftover spaghetti sauce, make up a quick batch of these amazing Mini Sketti Pies.

7. These easy Zucchini Puffs are like a healthy pastry pizza, and are very addictive!

I hope you find these easy puff pastry toddler recipes helpful! Try out a couple of these and I bet your little ones will be hooked on pastries just like mine.




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