Chicken is the most common kind of poultry available and is used in a huge variety of dishes. It has a mild flavour and is very easy to chew, which makes it a very appealing meat to toddlers.

Chicken meat is very high in protein and low in fat. A 100g serving of baked chicken breast contains just 4 grams of fat and a whopping 31 grams of protein. It is a good source of vitamin B6 and phosphorus, and a great source of selenium and niacin.

You can prepare chicken in many ways. You can use it in soups, stocks, casseroles, stews, roasts, kebabs, pastas, burritos, salads, curries, sausages, chicken bites/nuggets, stirfries and risottos, and much more.

Raw chicken can contain salmonella, so always ensure that you are preparing, cooking and storing your chicken safely. The Australian Chicken Meat Federation has a great page of guidelines for handling chicken.

Take a look through these easy recipes containing chicken for some new healthy ideas.

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