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Cooking with couscous for toddlers - four fantastic recipes

Posted 17/04/2016 in Recipe Collections
Couscous is amazing! It's so fast to prepare and my boys just love it.

Check out these four amazing toddler couscous recipes, all of which are a huge hit with my 3 and 1 year old.

1. This simple Five Veg, Bacon and Sesame Couscous is packed with veggies, and makes an excellent toddler lunch or dinner.

2. Chicken and corn is one of the best flavour combos there is. Try out this tasty Chicken and Corn Couscous for your little ones. Use leftover cooked chicken and this dish will be ready to eat in minutes.

3. This protein packed Egg and Bacon Couscous makes a great, quick and easy breakfast, lunch or dinner for toddlers.

4. Sweet Mandarin Couscous has just three basic ingredients and takes just minutes to prepare. My 3 year old adores this one!




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