11 toddler food hacks that will save you money

Posted 05/08/2015 in Life with a toddler

Raising children can be a pricey venture! Although they are only little, the cost of feeding a toddler can quickly add up. Take a look through these 11 toddler tips for saving money at the grocery store, and start saving today!

  1. Don't buy boxes of cereal for your toddler. Many cereals have far too much added sugar for toddlers, and can contain artificial colours and preservatives. Instead, you can easily make up your own healthy cereals by combining oats, brans, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, etc for a fraction of the price. Take a look through the health food and baking aisles for these ingredients.
  2. Don't waste money on store-bought muesli and granola bars. Although these snacks are marketed as being healthy, if you take a peek at the ingredients list you will find that many varieties are packed full of artificial ingredients and refined sugars. They also come with quite a price tag. Making your own muesli / granola bars at home is easy, and you get to include your toddler's favourite ingredients! Try out this recipe for Easy No-Bake Muesli Bars.
  3. Fruit purees make a delicious snack for toddlers, and they are readily available to buy in snack sized tubs and pouches. If these are something you regularly buy, it can become quite costly. You can easily puree your own fruits such as melons, peaches, etc at home using a blender or stick mixer. Firmer fruits can also be cooked down into sauces, like this delicious Applesauce for Babies and Toddlers. Store in the fridge in small snack-sized containers or zip-lock bags for a few days, or in the freezer for a few months.
  4. Flavoured yoghurts, even those marketed for children, can often contain artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and lots of sugar.These tiny tubs can also cost a fair amount of money. Skip the flavoured kids yoghurts and buy a natural probiotic yoghurt. You can then add your own flavours using fruit, berries, crushed nuts, etc. Your kids will also get the benefit of probiotics for digestive health.
  5. If you're going for a drive, grab a banana for your toddler on your way out the door instead of a packaged snack. Not only are they healthier, but they will ripen quickly if they sit in a warm car and become even sweeter.
  6. If you're going to be out and about for the day, pack your toddler (and yourself) a home made lunch instead of wasting money on a bought lunch.
  7. Save any leftovers from dinner to use in your toddler's lunch the next day. If you find yourself with extra chicken meat, try this simple Chicken Avocado Pasta. Leftover veggies? Make a quick batch of these nutritious Veggie Eggs.
  8. Skip the fruit juices and offer your toddler water instead. It's a much healthier option, and will save you a bunch of money.
  9. Instead of buying frozen treats in the summer, pick up popsicle moulds for a few dollars and make your own healthy versions at home.
  10. Biscuits are a favourite toddler snack, and you can get all kinds of toddler-friendly varieties in the baby food section of a supermarket. They are not cheap, however, and if you are buying them regularly then it will definitely add up. Try making your own biscuits at home. There are plenty of healthy recipes such as these Basic Sweet Potato Biscuits, these tasty Carrot and Cheese Sticks, and these amazing Coconut Drops.
  11. Does your toddler enjoy jam on their toast or sandwiches? Store-bought jams, as well as being expensive, are often packed with added sugar and preservatives. Not only could you make your own jam at home without the sugar, but there's an excellent cheat's jam recipe with only three ingredients that takes just minutes to prepare! Try out this Berry Chia Jam recipe, all you need are some berries, a dash of honey, a spoonful of nutritious chia seeds, and a few spare minutes of your time.

Do you know of any good money-saving toddler food tips? Let us know in the comments below.




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