13 incredible toddler dinners that are super quick to make

Posted 18/04/2016 in Recipe Collections

Need a dinner idea for your toddler that is both nutritious and quick to prepare? These healthy kids dinner recipes are easy to make, have short ingredients lists, and are ready to eat in no time at all.

1. You will be amazed at how simple this delicious Cheese and Garlic Steak is to make! The sauce is made with just three basic ingredients and tastes amazing.

2. Get some iron and protein into your toddler's diet with this Basic Beef Stroganoff. It's filled with carrot, celery and mushroom, but you could use any other vegetables you like. 

3. Try out this simple Cheesy Beef and Eggs recipe for a tasty hot toddler breakfast, lunch or dinner. Adding beef to the eggs is a great way to get some extra protein and iron into your little one's diet.

4. Mac and cheese is a well known kids favourite. Forget those boxes from the store, you can easily make your own delicious version at home with just three basic ingredients - macaroni, cream, and shredded cheese! This Bacon Garlic Mac and Cheese has even more flavour added in using fried bacon and garlic.

5. Need a new way to serve vegetables to your toddler? Try out this tasty Cheesy Veggie Pasta Sauce. It's very easy to make, and is made almost entirely of vegetables!

6. This delicious Mild Chicken Curry is a great kids curry make with chicken, veggies, and an amazingly simple sauce.

7. Tuna is great brain-food for kids, and adds protein to a meal without adding much prep-time. Check out this Creamy Tuna and 3 Veg Pasta for a quick, healthy toddler dinner.

8. Couscous takes just minutes to prepare, and by using already cooked leftover chicken, you can have this delicious Chicken and Corn Couscous ready to eat in no time!

9. This amazingly aromatic Sesame Soy Veggie Stirfy is a fast vegetarian dish, but you can easily throw in some leftover beef or chicken meat for a quick protein addition.

10. This Easy Cheesy Veggie Pasta is simple to make, loaded with veggies, and tastes delicious!

11. More couscous! If you need a super fast pasta option, couscous is definitely the way to go. This tasty Five Veg, Bacon and Sesame Couscous takes just minutes to make.

12. You and your family will fall in love with this classic, healthy Pasta Carbonara! It's creamy, packed with flavour, and very easy to make.

13. This healthy Chicken Avocado Pasta has only three ingredients. Use leftover chicken to make this one even easier, and the hardest part will be waiting for the pasta to cook.

Do you have any super fast, healthy dinner ideas for your toddlers? Let us know in the comments below.




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