22 delicious and healthy lunchbox snacks

Posted 21/11/2015 in Recipe Collections

Take a look through this collection of simple to make, healthy, and delicious toddler-friendly lunchbox snacks. They are perfect for daycare and preschool lunchboxes or even just to pack for a day out at the park.

Of course, these tasty recipes aren't only good for toddlers, get some fresh ideas for your kids' school lunches as well!

1. Home made fruit bars are the ultimate lunchbox snack. They are convenient, healthy and taste amazing! These Three Ingredient No-Bake Apricot Bars are easy to make and take just minutes to prepare.

2. Add a bit of crunch to your toddler's lunchbox with these delicious Crispy Apple Cinnamon Puffs.

3. Carrot and cheese is an awesome flavor combo! Try out these easy Cheese and Carrot Balls for a convenient way to pack this tasty duo in your toddler's lunchbox.

4. These delicious no-bake Brekkie Balls are easy to make and taste amazing! Simply mash all ingredients together, roll into balls and then coat with coconut.

5. These incredible Banana Peanut Butter Balls are very similar to Brekkie Balls (see recipe above), but they are gluten free and contain just three ingredients.

6. Your kids will fall in love with this deliciously moist Pineapple Coconut Slice! It's very quick to make, dairy free, and has just four ingredients.

7. Make up some of these incredible Parmesan Zucchini Crisps for your toddler's lunchbox. They have just two ingredients and are super simple to make.

8. Your toddler will love these delicious, cute and easy to make Banana Berry Buttons

9. Peanut Butter Celery Sticks are a classic toddler snack and perfect for lunchboxes.

10. Try out these simple yet tasty Carrot and Cheese Sticks. They are a fantastic savory snack for your toddler's lunchbox. 

11. This Crisp and Crunchy Toddler Salad is packed with flavor, and has plenty of crunch. The celery and capsicum are juicy and refreshing, and the colours really pop!

12. These Basic Sweet Potato Biscuits are dairy free, easy to make and taste delicious.

13. Use fresh orange juice and gelatin to make these awesome Jelly Oranges. Your toddler will love it when they realize there is something different about their orange slices!

14. These yummy Three Ingredient Cheerio Bites are easy to make and are a fantastic lunchbox treat.

15. These Easy No-Bake Muesli Bars taste absolutely amazing and are made with simple, nutritious ingredients.

16. These three ingredient Golden Wholemeal Pancake Coins are a great toddler snack. Try putting four or five onto a toothpick to pack into a lunchbox.

17. Instead of packing plastic tubs for dips in your toddler's lunchbox, try out these tasty Cucumber Dipping Cups.

18. All you need to make these amazing Fruit and Nut Snack Balls are four simple ingredients and a food processor.

19. Try out this basic Grilled Ham and Cheese Rollups for a tasty toddler lunch.

20. Sweet Potato Chips are a fantastic healthy alternative to store-bought chips. These simple nutritious chips are easy to make and are a great addition to any toddler's lunch box.

21. Only three ingredients are needed to make these easy and delicious Cheese and Mustard Puffs.

22. This simple, egg-free Banana, Zucchini and Walnut Loaf is sweetened by banana, kept moist by greek yoghurt, and has a sneaky serving of zucchini for good measure.




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